JukemTech now the official Technology partner and sponsor of Ideas2Startup

JukemTech now the official Technology partner and sponsor of Ideas2Startup

After series of discussions and meetings reviewing their goals, mission, and vision it’s with great joy we announce to the public that JukemTech is now the official technology sponsor and partner of Ideas2Startup.

Ideas2startup is a social enterprise that offers consultation and Business best practices to Start-ups and SMEs to ensure that that they thrive, and scale from being a Start-Up to a formidable business empire, and they provide accessible consulting ranging from, branding, Market research, Strategic Planning, seminars, training, conferences and innovative solutions using technology while creating awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. their mission and vision below have prompted this decision.

Mission: which is To Inspire, Educate and Mentor Young minds, Startups, and SMEs in Nigeria and Africa

Vision: To be a Startup focused Consulting agency grooming and growing young minds and small business using the awareness SDGs and Technology.

Even though we have for long supported their vision and help accomplished a couple of their milestone it is now official we would handling the technology based innovative solutions they would be proffering to start-ups and SMEs and we are currently developing their web platform were mentors connect with proteges through articles, books, and experiences the platform is set to be launched October 1st.

it’s indeed a thing of joy to support their Vision 

John Taiwo

A seasoned Internet and email marketer with years of experience have flair for technology and its trends even though he studied Civil engineering in University.

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