9 Ways to Growth Hack Your Way Through Instagram

9 Ways to Growth Hack Your Way Through Instagram

Ever wondered how some businesses emerge out of nowhere and capture everyone’s attention? They take off like wildfire and the momentum never really dies off. Well that, my friend, is called   growth hacking . Growth hacking has changed the marketing game both offline and online.

You’re probably wondering; what is growth hacking? It is a term coined by Sean Ellis in 2010 meaning a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hacking refers to a set of both conventional and unconventional marketing experiments that lead to the growth of a business.

Summarily, it means achieving astronomical results quickly. You have to experiment a lot with inexpensive strategies and come up with brilliant ways to meet your objectives.

Growth hacking has only been around for a few years but it is already catching fire because it is the best way to acquire millions of users and dollars in revenue.

What results should you expect?

A surge in your google rankings if you have a blog or website
Increased engagement on all your posts
Increased conversion/sale

Mad right?

I know what you’re thinking, what does Instagram have to do with search engine optimization? Well if you didn’t know, social media has a huge impact on your Google ranking. You’re welcome.

Before I list out the techniques I want to give you a very important advice. Have a plan of attack. You need to have a content strategy    before implementing these techniques or you will probably get overwhelmed and abandon the page.

Before you get started, answer these questions, preferably in a worksheet.

How much growth do you want from your Instagram account?
What does growth mean exactly to you?
What time frame would you like to achieve your goal?
What experiments will you try?
How will you put a new spin on an old technique to accelerate the results?

Ways To Boost Your Instagram Engagement Through Growth Hacking

Here are  nine growth hacking techniques you can implement on your Instagram page;

1. Push a specific narrative

Listen carefully to your audience and publish a narrative tailored to them. By doing this you create something scalable and long lasting. You build a brand image and portray yourself as something of an expert in your field.
Example as a digital marketer, I publish posts on business tips, inspirations and motivation because I understand that my audience is small business owners who are looking for guidance.

2. Create a buyer persona

A buyer persona helps you understand what content to push out and how to do it. Because I know my target audience are young business owners, coming up with a content that they relate to is not too hard. The narrative you push out will not have much impact unless you are clear on who you are talking to. Here are a few questions you want to ask yourself;

The narrative you push out will not have much impact unless you are clear on who you are talking to. Here are a few questions you want to ask yourself;
What line of work are my target audience in?
How old are they?
How do they dress?
Where do they eat and hang out?
What keeps them up at night?
What are their deepest desires?

Once you have an idea of the type of persons that would purchase your product, it will be easy to write content they resonate to.

3. Piggy-back on followers of related brands and influencers

This is a good way to get targeted followers without going through any stress. If someone follows a brand related to yours, chances are they will follow you. Search for your niche hashtag on the Instagram search bar. Check profiles of people in the results, select the person with the highest number of followers and their followers.

4. Comment and like photos

Plug in your brand hashtag into the search bar, check out for promising followers and leave thoughtful comments on their pages. Like their photos too. With this method, you get a couple of followers without asking for a follow back. Comment on multiple photos for this to be effective.

5. Focus on brand awareness

Build your Instagram around your brand rather than your product. Constantly posting about sales is the number one reason businesses loose followers on Instagram. You obviously don’t want this.

Building your brand builds trust between you and your followers, influencing sales.

6. Create a calendar

The more you post, the more followers you get. All social networks have optimal posting times. I would advise you experiment on posting at different times so you know what time your followers engage most. Thankfully with Instagram insights, you can monitor this easily.

To help guide you, the best time to post is early in the morning between 8 – 9 am and in the evening during off work hours. Don’t be afraid to post during the wee hours of the morning either for the insomniacs.

7. Use relevant hashtags

This is probably not news to you at this point. Posts with hashtags have a higher like to follower ratio. Hashtags are how your users will find you. Do not over use the hashtag though, 5-10 is a good number.

8. Create a branded hashtag

With a branded hashtag you get to reach more people and ensure that your brand name sticks to your follower’s minds.It gives your brand permanence in the search.

9. Hold a contest

Who doesn’t love giveaways? With a contest, you can ask your followers to share your brand and/or your branded hashtag within their network so they can win a prize. Make sure you monitor your growth to ensure progress.

With growth hacking, you will see a surge in your followers. You can use one of the strategies or all, it’s up to you. Make sure you take your time to come up with a strategy first before you start your growth hacking journey.

What strategies will you use? List them out in the comment section.

Nkemka C'merije

Nkemka is a data driven growth strategist passionate about helping businesses develop and maintain a solid online presence. She is the chief business developer for Apptivities Software Solutions.

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